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About Me

Born and raised in New Jersey, I first found a love of voice artistry watching documentaries. What captured my soul wasn't the imagery or sounds, but rather the voices found behind them. The way they could stitch together scenes and stories, how they carried with cadence and tone, moving through images like the pages of a book. When they took a breath so did I, when their voices carried through grooves and resonance life had given them, I was there too, and knew then I always would be. The day I discovered I was a storyteller, was the day a new life began.

     "Voices and stories are what connect us, and I'm proud to raise mine.”

What followed was a path of extensive classical training in New York, fuelled by emerging passion as I discovered my own voice and the story behind it. Trained by top-notch voice talent, I still consider myself a student today and always will be.


“My greatest teacher is my voice, every new engagement and story brings me closer to it. I love working with my clients, it's a daily privilege to lend my voice in helping them tell their own stories.”

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